Since I started making ankle biters, Bronson refuses to wear anything else, they're his favorite pants. For some reason the kid hates buttons.  So, it's ankle biters and t-shirts almost everyday.  We are stocked up on black and white tee's in this house, and these are my favorite for Bronson: they're cheap, they're slim fitting, they're 100% soft cotton, and they're only $3 (online they're a bit more, but if you buy them in the store they're cheaper, also the ones in the store don't have pockets). I like to throw a denim jacket or chambray shirt over the tee for a slightly (I use that term loosely) "fancy" look.  Simple, easy, classic style...that's how we roll.

Wishing you Sunshine & Cheer!


  1. so cute B!! love your kid styling! oxo

  2. Why would he wear anything else? Their total comfy...easy to wear and great looking...win/win I would say!

  3. Just discovered B and I have something in common (I happen to hate buttons too - especially on pants...)
    xo M

    1. Amen sista'! Viva la stretchy pants!!!

  4. post something new ;)... I keep checking.... wanting to see what's on your mind... don't get my wrong... you know I am a huge fan of the kiddo styling posts.

    love you.