Last year I had the pleasure of meeting a kind, gentle, and beautiful woman named Anna.  On the outside Anna looks like the picture of health.  She's slim but appears strong, and she's absolutely beautiful, but Anna has been battling a very serious and life threatening disease.  Anna suffers from a type of non-reversible obstructive and restrictive lung disease, causing airway scarring and leaving very little room for Anna to move air in and out of her lungs.  But! I am happy to report that after many months of rigorous testing, Anna has finally been approved to receive a double lung transplant at UCLA Medical Center.  Hurray for Anna!  I can't imagine what this means to her, her family, and her closest friends.  I barely know the woman and I cried when I heard the good news.   Although Anna does have insurance, she will need help paying for some upfront costs and her recovery costs (not covered by insurance).

In an effort to help donate to "Anna's Second Wind" fund, we will be donating 100% of the sales from the "Anna" clutch/pocketbook.  If you're not in need of the perfect little clutch for summer, but would like to help Anna by making a donation, that would be awesome. Every little bit helps.

Learn more about Anna & make a donation

Visit Anna's blog

Wishing you sunshine & cheer!

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  1. Not only is this clutch beautiful, but so is the kind heart behind it. You're a very inspiring woman!