fabric tassel garland

Let's make fabric tassels garland!  Quick.  Easy.  And oh so cute! 
1) You'll need fabric (fabric scraps, trim, tissue paper-- a la confetti system), twine, and scissors
2) Cut or tear fabric into half inch or one inch strips. I tore my fabric, for an unfinished look.  I cut my bias tape in half, for a cleaner and slimmer look.  Play around and see what you like best.
3) Gather 6 strips of fabric, try to line them up even.
4) Start twisting in the middle and work your way out about 4-5 inches. (BTW,  I swear I have all five fingers on this hand)
5) Loop fabric like so.
6) Grab a strip of fabric from the pile and wrap around the loop a couple of times and then tie in a knot.
7) Your almost done!  Trim your tassel to desired length.  I cut mine to 6 inches.  Repeat steps 1-7, run your twin through the loops, and sit back and admire your work.
Have a great weekend amigos!

Sunshine & Cheer,


  1. Love it! Those torn strips remind me of the tails on the fabric kites I just made!

  2. SO easy and pretty!!! Thanks for the tutorial... I am going to make this one for sure!!!!