inspiration to creation

The "Laguna" collection is a medley of sweet, simple, and classic found fabrics evoking the spirit of the upscale beach town, Laguna Beach.  SHOP THE COLLECTION

bronco image by Nicholas Maggio via I Heart Reps via pinterest
skateboard image via Beach-Bliss Tumblr via pinterest
Laguna Beach Sunset by Myan Soffia (available on etsy) via pinterest


  1. This looks amazing. I never got over those booties. Maybe I can shrink Emma down?

  2. You know this is a collection after my own heart! Now I think a celebration of this adorable line, in Laguna Beach, is in order! Come up here lady! I would love to see you! xo Sam

  3. How did I miss this? I love this collage of images...gosh I'm going to miss Laguna...if I were to see this next year at this time, when I'm living in CT so far from here...I think my heart would hurt a little...just for a minute. Can't wait to see your creations.