taking it in

We are having some unbelievable weather, even for Southern California, and we have been enjoying every minute of it.  Things were a little slow at the construction site over the weekend so we grabbed a few trucks and headed to the beach.  Saturday's sunset was stunning and stained the evening sky a vibrant orange, even the little one took a time out from his trucks to take it in.  Man, weekends go by waaaaay to fast, especially when you pack them with sunshine, good friends, good food, laughter, and dancing (the worm, to be exact).  How was your weekend?  Did you dance? ;)

Cheers to a week filled with happy!


  1. I read this earlier...didn't have time to leave a comment, but had to come back to leave one. My 7th grader is doing a dance lesson at school and so he and Madeline dance in the kitchen every night...he was cracking us up tonight.

    This photo of your little guy is so cool...I can picture it blown up HUGE on a painted brick wall. There's just something about it...it's like magic.

  2. I agree - I love this photo. It is adorable and magical and just flat-out stunning. Love. :)