gift giving: clever & cost effective

This weekend was packed with birthday party after birthday party--three to be exact. We already have several parties in the books for next month and I can only imagine the invitations will keep rolling in. To my relief, Bronson inspired a very clever, kind, and cost effective gift.  Bronson kept asking me if he could bring his skateboards, cars, and special treats to the party to share with his friends.  The kid was relentless.  Struggling to find an answer that would cease his pesky begging, I finally thought of something after telling him no for umpteenth time. I asked Bronson if he would like to buy his friends a few of his favorite things and gift them.  He was so excited by the idea (really his idea), and Roman and I were excited that we didn't have to break the bank to make a few little curtain climbers happy on their birthday.  I included a fun note (see below) and had some fun with the packaging (which I forgot to photograph).

"You can never have enough Band-Aids...or Hot Wheels.  Hope you're a fan of tech deck--I am!  Oh and if your mom is anything like mine, goodies like these are scarce.  TREAT YO' SELF!  Happy birthday amigo."

Happy Monday friends!

Wishing you sunshine & cheer,

favorites: gold fish, hot wheels, tech deck, m&m's, cars band-aids


  1. You know what's brilliant about this? They won't end up just playing with the box!

  2. This is such a great idea! I will have to do this at the next party to attend for my girlies!

  3. Bianca, I love this idea! Bronson is so good to remind us how awesome the little things are.