time robbers

Where does the time go?  Is all my time, time well spent?  I think not.  In an effort to get through a pile of orders, prep for two pop-up shops in December, make some deadlines,  make time for my family, enjoy my time with Bronson, and everything else in between, I have decided something has got to go.  I have decided this week to let some of my personal distractions go the way of the dodo: facebook, pinterest, twitter, and even blogs.  In an effort to be more present and more productive, I have decided to release myself from these things for one week.   I hope I last.

I'll meet you back here in one week to report on my success!  Until then, I wish you a week filled with joy, success and productivity, the luxury of being present, and of course...sunshine & cheer!

image via pinterest


  1. I hope you don't get headaches, irritable, and start going through withdrawals. I'm sure it will be hard at first and then liberating. Cheers to productivity away from the computer!

  2. I am really going to miss you but your last "session" on pinterest was enough inspiration to last me over a week! Have fun this week! I have been doing the same thing and it feels nice to get a lot of things done while most importantly, being present! xoxo Sam

  3. i too spend way too much time doing exactly what i am doing right now...but i long for it! to have a cup of tea in hand...or a tumbler of wine & scroll through my fav blogs is something i class as down time...but yes some time off is good! dayle

  4. We're all just experimenting with these new mediums, huh? Trying to figure out what's important, what's beneficial. I like to think we're in the vanguard and will tell young people some day, "I came of age in the time of social media's infancy!"
    I like the irony of your final image being from Pinterest...from Emily Henderson's office no less (dang her, another time waster is her show)

  5. Oh, Bianca, I've been thinking about doing the same. Things have been so crazy with the move that I just need some time to reassess everything and get myself reorganized. Hope your week goes wonderfully!