make it fabulous!

Whether you lounge on the couch under the soft breeze of air conditioning, kick up sand and hang at the beach, or battle the mall and costco on a weekend (I would rather shoot myself in the foot) MAKE IT FABULOUS!  As for myself, I am kicking my weekend off with some girlfriends and a Maroon 5 concert.  Eeeeek I am so excited!!!

P.S. Thanks for your kind comments and sweet emails this week.  You are beautiful people where it matter most--on the inside.

Wishing you sunshine & cheer!


  1. Those are the exact flowers I dream of for my trunk show!

    Have fun darling!!!

  2. have fun!! that floral arrangement is gorg-eoso!

  3. Have fun at that concert, Bianca! I'm staying indoors where it's nice and cool -- it feels like 103 here today. I'd rather be out there by you.