let's review

While I spent 99% of my time this week in the sweatshop studio sewing orders, I did manage to escape from behind my machine for some fun time with the fam at the fair.  I mixed it up this year and tried the zucchini fries, and the chocolate dipped cheesecake rolled in sprinkles.  I am sucker for almost anything with rainbow sprinkles.  I was happy with both of my treats, but next year it's back to my traditional corn dog from Hot Dog on a Stick. However, I think the choco dipped cheesecake with sprinkles will be my new dessert tradition, it was really good and hit all the right texture and flavor notes that I enjoy: crunchy, smooth and creamy, and crisp and cool.  How about you, what's your favorite fair food?
As if I didn't have enough sewing to plow through, I insisted on spending my free time sewing these pillows for Bronson's room.  Isn't that sports fabric the raddest!?  It was an old coverlet from Sears that my mom sent me a while back.  The pillows are meant for Bronson's tent...if I ever get around to making it.

I have been so busy filling orders and meeting with new retailers.  It's been an overwhelming week, but one that I am so grateful for.  I just want to thank each of you for your support of my little (and growing) dream, I can't tell you how much it means to me.  If I could I would treat each and every one of you to Friday doughnuts at Peterson's.  That's how much I love all of you.  Have a great weekend!

Sunshine & Cheer!


  1. Aww, we're missing the fair?! Sounds like you had fun! I'm so happy for you and your growing business. Have a good weekend!

  2. I'm so excited for you B!! Sounds like business is booming.
    (favorite fair food would have to be funnel cake)

  3. I WISH we had something like that here, we don't even have McDonald's playgrounds! Sick.

    Happy Weekend
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  4. Love all your projects...that sporty pillow is great! I took (dropped off) my daughter and some friends to the Bruno Mars concert last weekend at the Fair. We then went into town and had dinner...i had no idea i was missing out on zucchini fries and chocolate dipped cheesecake.

  5. I guess if i were caught up on my reader yesterday, I would have known you had not made the fort yet :).... I indulged in some aussie taters and we tried the "fried koolaide", aka donut holes.