Focused Finds

I am obsessively collecting all sorts of vintage cups, containers, and bowls.  I scored this silver set while thrifting last week, and have no intentions of polishing any of these pieces.  They are all tarnished to perfection and will be perfect for the project I have in mind.

Along with the remnant that I scored Saturday (resulting in the resurrection of the "simply summer" booties) I also took home the cutest set of vintage pink and white striped bedding (never opened, still in the original packaging!!!), and over 10 yards of this gorgeous floral print.  The floral fabric will be debuting somewhere in our home, in either the form of  drapes, roman shades, or a slip cover.  I can't decide, but I am leaning towards some sort of window dressing.  Any suggestions?


  1. Those are beautiful and classy. Love them!

  2. I would do curtains, but I've always preferred them over other window dressings in general. And where did you discover these incredible finds? Seriously, I've been in southern CA for a year and a half and I don't know where any good flea markets or thrift stores are.

  3. I love that silver set! I found a silver vase with a clear glass frog on top (not a literal one, a floral one!) yard sale-ing a few years ago and it too has a great patina that I wouldn't dream of polishing out.

  4. love! I am especially in love with that stripe!