Rock out with...

I love JV's new campaign to celebrate their 10 year anniversary.  Visit the site to see how you can win tickets to rock out in NYC at the 10 year anniversary party.

images from john varvatos


Team work

Missoni and Converse team up again for the release of their fall 2010 collection.  These two are a perfect match.I love the leather accents.   Retail $200

Nice to meet 'cha

I am so excited to be participating in a progressive "meet and greet" organized by the  wildly funny Michelle from Studio Surface.  I apologize for showing up a little late to the party, but I was up a little too late last night doing some partying of my own.  {wink}  My best friend came into town from New York with her family, and we had a lot of catching up to do...over wine...and beer...and a crazy game of a**hole.  I was a bit rusty with my card skills.  After 6 consecutive terms as a**hole, I finally got my act together and became president.  I apologize, that I couldn't quit get my act together this morning for this virtual shindig.

If you have just come from Under A Pink Moon, isn't Estelle's blog lovely? She has given me some wonderful inspiration via her posts.

How rude of me.  Can offer  you anything to drink?  No.  Your good.  Ok, well then let me send you off to your next destination.  Miss Taru is waiting for you to drop by and say hi over at Sort of Pink.  There are many reasons why I love her blog,  but my favorite is her banner, it's cleverly chic.

Thanks for stopping by everyone.  Come again real soon now ya' hear!

image from Ashley Meaders


The week that was{n't}

Projects, orders, and a to do list from here to China.  The week began with an overwhelming amount of responsibility.  So, I did what any girl would do, I got the orders out, put the projects on hold, and torched the to do list.  My husband had the week off from school, so I thought it only fitting that I join him.

With no pressure to be up at 4 a.m. I started the week off with a morning treat for the family.

 If you haven't already, you must try the frozen mini croissants from Trader Joe's.  Ummm, they're fantastic!

I made it to the Brigantine for happy hour and fish taco's, with the talented and crazy funny Michelle.
I did manage to squeeze in a little time for some design work.  I can't share with you just yet, but there is fun stuff in store for bink & boo.
Caught a ball game with the family.  We never made it to our seats, instead we opted to sit in the grass and watch Bronson have the time of his life.
I scored the most adorable beach towel while thrifting. 
Of course I spent a lot of time with this guy.
We did a little bit of this...
...and a little bit of that.
But yesterday was Bronson's favorite day.  We spent the morning at Legoland with "the gang": Grace, Alexis, Alexandra, and all the kids.

As a friendly reminder, they pass these out as you enter the water park at Legoland.  Two words that should NEVER go together in a sentence?

"Fecal discharge."

I hope you had a pleasant and productive week.  Have a great weekend!


Gold Rush

I like the room, but I love the couch...and the mirror.
I am digging the vibe of this room, and the extra long couch.

Ok, this door is a must in my next house.
Love Drew, and LOVE that Dress.

I could never pull it off, so I will just admire her for being able to.
Superhero shoes, what a cute idea.  Bronson needs a pair.
A set of these would make a great housewarming gift, or hostess gift.
A little something I "left behind" while thrifting yesterday.  I kind of want to go back and see if it's still there.

1st and 2nd image via design*sponge, door image via {me}longings, Drew via pinterest, 5th image via the beauty file, superhero shoes from etsy, serving pieces from ladies and gentlemen discovered via Say YES! to Hoboken,


To tuft or not to tuft...

I found this chair on etsy, and sort of fell in "like" with it.  Something about it felt familiar.  Oh, that's right...

...I HAVE THIS CHAIR!  Which I almost got rid of - so glad I didn't, because...

...I just bought this fabric to have it reupholstered in.  I am so excited!  Do you think I should keep the tufted look?


USPS gets a new look

I wish.  It sure would make going to the post office a lot more fun.

Re-visualization of USPS by Matt Chase


Inspiration to Creation


Our creation

The "Marilyn" pocketbook.  Just like Marilyn, this pocketbook is one of a kind.  Created from a vintage tea towel, the strawberry stitch was created with love by someone's grandma (that's what I was told when I bought it).  Now, we have given her creation a second life.

image from we heart it

tic tac toe

Last night while everyone watched a new episode of Mad Man, I was just starting season 3 disc 3.  As I put the disc (featuring Peggy) in the player, I noticed her blouse.  I had seen it somewhere before.  Then I remembered.  LIBERACE'S LOVE DEN AN ESTATE SALE!!!

I hope you all had a great weekend. 

P.S.  I finished disk three in one sitting.  I am back to hating Don...and for a hot minute I was beginning to think less of Betty.




Finally...summer has arrived in Southern California.  It's been hotter than a pistol, and I am loving it!  I think today I will head to the beach - after a few estate sales of course.  How about you?

Robert Reader photography discovered via beach bungalow 8


Is it just me?

I would never get any sleep in this room.  I would be scared to death that the boat would fall and crush my legs or an oar would slip out, bonk me on the head and put me to sleep for good.  Is it just me?  Minus the boat on the ceiling I love the room!  Can we move it to a wall...OR THE WATER?!

And this bathroom...that chair?!  It's too big for the space.  It really bugs me.  It's so close to the toilet.  I think I would hit my knee(s) sitting down and getting up from the potty, which would only infuriate me.  Is it just me?

first image from Dwellers Without Decorators, second image from House Beautiful Mag (sorry for the horrible scan)


found fabrics and more

I had a serious case of the Monday's yesterday, and an even more serious case of procrastination.  What better cure for both than a little shopping!  Thrift shopping of course. 
This scarf was in a bag with 2 other scarves (pictured below).  I could only see a touch of the print, but it was enough for me to snatch the bag and toss it into my cart. So glad I did.

I have wonderful plans for this number - sorry I can't share just yet.
And this Liberty of London gem?  You'll just have to wait to see what I transform this into.

With nothing but time on my hands, I decided I would check out the kids section.  So glad I did.

The most adorable chambray like linen button-down for Bronson?  $2.  Perfect condition.  I am not even sure it was worn.

Are you kidding me?!?!  This Penguin cardigan still had the tags on it.  Originally $48, I scored it for $3.

Denim jacket - a staple in my wardrobe, now Bronson's too.  Only $3.  Oh and the super cute long sleeve navy and white hoodie underneath?  It was free!  The woman couldn't find the price and she didn't want to wait for someone to come and price it. 

I also scored the cutest pair of linen pants (for Bronson) that roll up to shorts, and the perfect pair of brown cords for him.  All in all my Monday turned out pretty darn good, and it only cost me $20.  And they say money can't buy you happiness.

P.S. Remember these spice jars?  I bought them yesterday for only $5!  They were 75% off!!!


a few favorites

Dee & Lala

Lulu Dee


These are just a few of my favorites from Unique OC this past weekend. Please take a moment to visit their sites, and help support the handmade movement.

Weekend Update

Friday I had some time to myself (a rare luxury) so I made a trip to my favorite thrift store.  This lamp caught my eye, and that was about it...I came home empty handed.

Saturday came and went so quick, I don't even remember the details.  I remember I had a garage sale (don't you love my signs).  It started at 7 a.m.  I opened the garage at 6:45, people rushed in, grabbed what they wanted, made piles, paid, and fled the frenzy.  By 8 a.m. I was exhausted and didn't have much to sell.  By 10 a.m. I had nothing to sell, and we were turning people away.

Sunday was random.  I burst out of my north county bubble and headed to The Lab in Costa Mesa for Unique OC- an independent design and gift show. What a great mix of talent!
 This cute little robot from kauzbots was there to greet us.

Also there,  Sweet Lucie's.  The cutest and most delicious organic ice cream cart.  I had sorbet, strawberry lemonade with mint.  My oh my was it refreshing.  And in case you are wondering, Sweet Lucie's is available for private parties and events.  If you think their cart is cute, check out their truck.

Stay tuned, I will share some of my other favorites from Unique OC a little later today.