A grand weeekend

What. A. Weekend.
Friday I kicked off the weekend with a trip to Matilda's Mouse with my "thrifty" sidekick Michelle, but on our way out of town we were side tracked by an estate sale... surprise.  I can't wait to share some of my finds with you.  (I can't share them all because I left the sale with a big ol' box over flowing with fabric and notions.)
Friday night was a celebration for my "b.f." (blogger friend) Melissa, who along with her business partner Betsy opened one of the most beautiful home stores in San Diego, Bixby & Ball.   I was in good company with my other b.f's Grace, and Michelle.  We did a little shopping, a lot of laughing, sipped on champagne and then sipped on some more champagne.  If you are in San Diego you must stop into  Bixby & Ball.  Tell them bink & boo sent you and they'll probably give you a free hug. {wink}
Saturday I burst out of my North County bubble and headed to La Jolla to check out Sweet Paper.  Appropriately named, this adorable shop carries a lovely selection of paper goods, stationary, invitations, and  devine twine from whisker graphics.  I bought some orange twine (duh), and a set of California post cards that I am going to frame and hang in our entryway.  It looks like I will be bursting out my bubble more often, and cruising down to La Jolla for a serving of Sweet Paper.

Sunday was spent relaxing with the family, until I got a phone in the afternoon with an invite to a five course dinner served with wine pairings.  Of course I jumped on the invite.  Dinner was amazing (I will share more later in the week), but I woke up this morning in a total food coma, and found out that I was 9 months pregnant with a food baby.  One cup of coffee sent me into labor (if you know what I mean) and I am proud to say that I have lost the baby weight, and am ready to start this week off on the right foot... and maybe a few days of fasting.  Have a great week!


  1. LOL...a food baby..that is brillant!! good golly i am still laughing..

  2. You are so fun! I am laughing super hard!
    This sounds like the perfect weekend!

  3. food baby... funny! I just re-read that thinking... what pregnant??? that would be fun ;)

  4. That's hilarious! I almost fell out when I saw the tweet: "...and pregnancy news.". I had a blast Friday! Looking forward to next time!

  5. "Coffee labor?" Yikes, now I feel like I really know you. Too well.

  6. that's exactly where I was last week! {pregnant with a food baby}...much better now post delivery...

    YOU are tooo cute!

    i will have to check out both the stores you mentioned...

    thanks! have a gorgeous week!


  7. So excited for Bixby & Ball and Sweet Paper. Fabulous to see new stores opening up locally, isn't it? I am having a blast working with them both.

  8. Okay, seriously- I normally don't ask people to read a certain post, but you should read my most recent... I can TOTALLY relate (except for the part about starting this week off on the right foot:).