thrift scores

Once again Michelle joined me Friday for a little thrift trip into Escondido.  Just look at some of what I scored.  Michelle didn't do too shabby either, check out her finds.
This Vera scarf is in perfect condition, and just waiting to be used in a bink & boo creation.  The wood beads are one of my favorite finds from Friday - actually Michelle found them for me.  And the leaf tray is beautiful, my husband thinks different.
Another Vera scarf. I can't believe I scored two in one day!
Eat your heart out sf girl by bay.  This picture does not do this painting justice, the colors are Uh-Mazing, and this was a total score at $4.  $4 FREAKING DOLLARS!

I am so excited about this last picture.  The fabric will soon be turned into pocketbooks - I love the orange and blue together.  And the tray...well, I am going to have the ampersand from my logo added to it.  All in all Friday was the most amazing thrift day.  Thanks for joining me Michelle.

P.S. I am looking for someone new to join me this Friday.  Michelle has been kicked out of my thrift trip club after scoring the most amazing black coach bag.  I didn't realize she was such competition.  Hope you enjoyed your last thrift trip Michelle.  {wink}


  1. i wanna come! ps. i want that blue/orange pocketbook!!

  2. I just choked on my tea. That is hilarious! I knew my days were numbered. But we'll just see Bianca. You will miss me, just wait. :)

  3. What a bitch! Just jokes Michelle! That is too funny though. That must've cut right into the jugular Bianca. But uh, your finds weren't too bad! Love everything you scored:)

  4. Wish I were a southern cal girl so I could join you in the thrifting. I never find cool stuff like this. Boo, hoo. Love that fabric.

  5. I am a southern CA girl, but still a little far from you! Otherwise, I'd join you in a heartbeat. I do look forward to reading about the trip however:).

    I love that $4.00 painting!!!!!

  6. love these! i just scored two vera scarves in my own closet the other day... didn't realize that they had hidden in a box of stuff from when my grandma passed away... thanks for having great taste, grandma!

    wish i had fridays of to thrift... michelle is so kicked out! ;)

  7. O.k. so I need some advice. I just picked up some Vera napkins and washed them but they still smell like musty antique store. Any tips on getting the old smell out?

  8. I am surprised I haven't run into you:) My friends are tired of listening to me and what I found! See you on the circuit. Oh, I scored a purple wing back zGallerie chair for $20 bucks today.