Enough already!

Attention Alexis of Fern & Feather.  I get it!  You have a Hudson Bay blanket and I don't.  Please stop torturing me.

Some of you might remember that I left behind a HB blanket while thrifting.  Well what you don't know (that Alexis does) is that I went back last weekend to buy the blanket...it was still there...AND IT WAS 50% OFF!!! As I reached for the blanket, another woman got to it just before me.  I was so embarrassed when my hand landed on top of hers.  What was I to do?  Toss her to the {filthy}floor, wrangle the blanket in my cart, and run to the cashier?  I thought about it.  Instead I turned red, apologized, and quickly turned around.  I am not sure why I was so embarrassed, but I was.  I guess it wasn't meant to be.

I thought I had moved past my feelings about the blanket until yesterday I saw Alexis' guest post over at Pretty Mommy.  She ripped the band-aid right off my wound.  Then, this morning I awoke to this post.  Now she has poured salt in the wound, followed by a few dashes of Tabasco.  Darn you Alexis (said while shaking my fist in the air)!

What was I thinking?  Why did I leave that blanket behind in the first place? Do you really want to know the truth?  Truth is, when I went back to buy the blanket (at 50% off) I still mulled it over, and then walked away...AGAIN.  After lingering in the store for almost an hour, I decided I wanted the blanket...I needed the blanket.  It was when I decided to go back (for the third time) and get it, that I lost it.
It's my own fault (said with my head hanging low), lesson learned.

P.S. I hope you all know that I am totally joking in regards to Alexis.  I am not joking about the blanket. (boo-hoo)

P.S.S. Don't be surprised Alexis if you wake up one morning to find me sleeping in the Art Barn.  The bed looks so comfortable, and I love how cozy the space is.


  1. omg i'm laughing and crying at the same time. and i have a confession...i was tempted to get that blanket when i saw you passed it up. i still can't believe the story of that lady beating you to the punch. damn her! hahah jk!

  2. OH my gosh Grace!!! I would have died. And I would have thought/done the same thing. Love it.

  3. You crack me up! You should have throat punched the lady. JUST KIDDING!!!
    Just a funny reference folks.

    Anyhoo, another blanket will come into your life and then you will know it is the one. :)

  4. That is too funny. It's like when everyone had a bike but Pee Wee in Pee Wee's Big Adventure.

  5. Lesson learned, dude. In my early thrifting days, I found myself obsessing over the things I passed up on...so now I throw them in the cart and put them back at the end if I don't want them...
    And don't feel too badly...I once passed up a FREE Eames Time Life chair. Duh!

  6. WHAT!!!? Modernhaus, I can't believed you passed up on a FREE Eames anything.

    Yes, lesson learned.

  7. I"m always late to the show...but so glad to be here because you are, One Funny Lady!