weekend update

I rolled out of bed this morning feeling bloated and a touch disgusted with myself.  Why did I eat chinese food last night when I have to get a new drivers license today?!  Sigh.  I feel so puffy.  I learned late Friday that I have been rolling around town with a suspended license, AND it's been expired since February! What the heck!?!  Long story short I was accused of being in a hit and run last year, but police records and my car prove it wasn't me.  I had no clue the accusers insurance had my license suspended.  Oh well at least if I get thrown in the klinker I have had a good last meal and one heck of a fun weekend.

Friday, Kendall K. joined me for a little estate sale-ing (I don't know how to spell that word) and a trip out to Valley Center for Matilda's Mouse.  Oh my gosh we had a blast!  Kendall, an estate sale rookie (it was her first time) is my kind of gal - up for anything.  On our way out to MM we saw signs for a moving sale (in the middle of nowhere), and took a little detour off the beaten path.  So worth it! I will post all about my finds later. Kendall came up empty handed at the moving sale, but did pretty well for herself at the estate sales (check out her post).  MM was not as crazy as I remembered it the first time, but it was still packed.  I managed to snap a few photos
This would look so cute in Bronson's room.
I am convinced this menu board came from Texas.  Everything is fried or bbq - sounds good.
I wanted the red elephant for Bronson's room, but when I circled around to come back and get it, it was gone.
I wanted everything on these shelves, including the horn, but I left empty handed.

MM was fun, but there was even more fun in store for me Friday night.  The family headed to the Del Mar Fair and I was finally able to snap a pick of Bronson smiling.  He must have really enjoyed himself, and the monster turkey leg he shared with his dad.
Saturday was a whirlwind, a few more estate sales and a baby shower.  Sunday was perfect, a relaxing (we took 2 naps) fathers day.  I am glad it's Monday, and ready to get the DMV checked of my list of "to-do's" today.


  1. Bummer about the bloating and the expired driver's license. I'm glad you had a good weekend though, two naps on Sunday?? you just keep getting cooler! :)xo

  2. i ended up at matilda's friday afternoon. it was my first time -what a great place. i was secretly hoping i'd run into you. but i believe you were on your way as i was having my first cup of tea.

  3. I would have loved to run into you m.o.m! That would have been so much fun.