Oh happy day

As I am typing this I have one foot out the door.  I am on my way to meet Kendall K. for a little thrift trippin' YO!  We are headed out to Valley Center for Matilda's Mouse, but not without a little pre funk.  And by "pre funk" I mean Kendall agreed to meet me early so that we could hit up a couple of estate sales in my hood before we hit the road.  I thought this girl was pretty cool when I met her last week, but it's official...she is one bad mutha'!

Oh, I almost forgot.  These are some of the records I bought last weekend. I can't keep them all, and think I will throw some of them in the shop, but aren't they fun?

Have a great weekend and happy fathers day!


  1. I hope I can meet up with the two of you today... I wish Taylor's eyeglass store opened up earlier. Ahhhh man. Have fun!!!!!!


  2. I'm am beyond jealous now! I wanted to go so bad and now you're hitting up some estate sales prior?! Can't wait to hear about what you find. And those album covers are the coolest!

  3. Had so much fun with you today!! thanks again.