left behind

I am really into jars, containers and tins lately.  These would have ended up in the shop, but Roman still would have rolled his eyes if I came home with them.  I can't help myself sometimes.

This dress was part of my "catch and release program".  When I thrift and happen uppon something that I instantly like/love, I scoop it up and quickly add it to my cart.  I don't bother inspecting it, I don't look at the price, I just grab and go.  Then, just before check out I edit my cart to see what I really want.  Hence, "catch and release."
Oh I wanted this dress so bad, but there was a slight tear at the armpit.  It wasn't even visible, but the dress was raw silk and I knew that it could tear very easily and spread quickly.  Even thought it was only $5, I didn't want to take the chance.  I am so silly that when I left the store, I stood at the window admiring the dress from a far and wishing it could have come home with me.  DORK!

No lie, I rubbed this when I picked it up.  I know it's not a bottle, but if i were a genie I would want to live in this pretty tin.  Gosh, I might have to go back and see if it's still there.  I am really crushing on it.  There is something about it.  I think it's the colors.  It was made in England, and stamped 1952 on the bottom. 

This last one I snapped for fun.  I am not sure if you can tell, but this hand mixer is super small.  The container could maybe hold 8 oz.  What in the HECK could you mix in here?!  Seriously.  The only thing that would fit is an egg...maybe two.  What's the point of going through all the trouble of assembling this contraption to beat a couple of eggs?!  Just crack them in the bowl and whisk with a fork!  
I am looking at my KitchenAid as I am typing this.  We've come a long way baby.

That reminds me.  I have a question for you.  If you had to go back and live in the early 1900's, what modern day goody would you take with you.  Are you ready for my answer?  Tampons!  Seriously, of all the things I could take, that would be my one.  I don't know how they did it back then?!

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  1. Oh tampons are a good one! Now that I seriously think about it, I'm not sure what could trump tampons? So, I'm with you on this one:)