(last) Friday's Finds

The past few weeks have been quiet in regards to thrifting, but this past week I made a triumphant return to the estate sale scene.  Maybe Kendall was a lucky charm.
First order of business, the tin.  The colors!  This was the first purchase of the day.  It will most likely end up in the shop, but for the time being I will admire it on my shelf. 

Once again more thread - I really can't get enough of it. 

I am totally into gold right now.  I bought 4 different gold necklaces this past weekend - all vintage of course.  The little gold and turquoise coin purse is to die for.  Very sweet.  And the gold glass case is simply divine.  That will most likely end up in the shop too, but I just had to have it.
I scored three awesome vintage tablecloths this past weekend for literally pennies.  I felt bad that the woman charged me so little, but I didn't want to argue with her.  My mother taught me to respect my elders. 

Here I go again with more thread.  My goal is too fill multiple apothecary jars with spools of ribbon in similar shades. 

I am obsessed with multi-strand necklaces right now.  I got these really simple, but fun white plastic beads for a quarter.  Oh, the fabric that they are laying on was an old casserole carrier that screams bink & boo. 

Here is the second of three tablecloths that I totally scored.  This one is vinyl and just waiting to be repurposed.  Into what?  I am not sure yet, but something special is-a-percolating.

The little green plastic cup is one of my favorite finds from the weekend.  For some reason it reminds me of when I was little.  I don't think I ever had anything like this in the pink trailer, but it takes me back to my childhood.

And once again...more thread, and a scoop!  The scoop will for sure end up in the shop along with a few other items, but everything else is just waiting to be revived, reused, and repurposed.

If you are ever interested in purchasing any of the items I post, just shoot me an email.  It takes me some time to add them in the shop, so if you just can't wait email me.


  1. oh my gosh!!!! you scored!!

    that blue tin is amazing!!! how big is it? I want to find some tea tins for lamps in our new room.


  2. I just literally gasped when i saw the photo of the coin purse, you lucky duck!

  3. Ahh what a good time! I love how you color coded them, very nice. Still so jealous about that coin purse...so cute! xo