Have suitcase will travel

(sigh) If only it was in the budget.  I am little scared to admit this, especially since I have found myself with a few new designer friends - please don't judge me ladies.  See that "plant" in the lower right hand corner?  I bought it at a yard sale...it's fake (whisper that last part). I know, I know, I know.  I am 100% against silk flowers and would never.  I swear!  But if I so much as look at a plant it wilts, it's only a matter of days after that before it's totally gone kaput.  It looks real...and NOT real fake.  Or does it?  Besides I only paid $2 for it so if someone tells me I need to toss it I won't feel too bad.
Now let's go onto more important matters at hand.  That suitcase!  A vintage Penguin Original.  The colors are to die for.  I love the juxtaposition of the bold graphic print against the soft mint handle and vinyl trim.
I am torn whether to keep it for myself or sell it in the shop.  I really, really, really want to keep it and think I will use Bronson as my excuse.  It's the perfect little travel bag for him.  There I go again talking about traveling.  A vacation is long over due.

P.S. A little photoshop fun and all of a sudden my house looks like the Ropers apartment.  Are you surprised I have an orange wall? I wish it was more bink & boo orange, but it's more Longhorn orange - the hubs picked it.  In the land of USC we're reppin' Texas.  HOOK 'EM HORNS! 


  1. The Roper's! I always loved Mrs. Roper's mumu's:) Never would've guessed the plant was fake. I say keep it. And I also say keep the OG Penguin for Bronson. Too cool.

  2. The plant looks real and I like the pot. That was a good find for $2, I say keep it. The luggage is adorable! I say keep that too :)