Happy Father's Day

I have so many wonderful photos with my dad, but for some reason this is my all time favorite.  I think it has something to do with his attire, and the fact that I remember this day so clear.  We had spent the day at Knott's Berry Farm with my cousin Michael.  My poor dad was exhausted by the antics of my cousin and I - really more my cousin - that he couldn't even muster up the energy for a smile.

My dad hates this photo...for all the reasons that I like it.  So ten years ago when he was walking down the streets of Seattle and saw this photo blown up to poster size and hanging in the window of Barney's New York,  he about died.  His reaction was priceless.  I used to work at Barneys and this picture made the cut for the father's day window.  My dad was famous on the streets of Seattle.

Thanks dad for loving me even when I made it hard to like me.


Thank you for all that you have sacrificed. Thank you for your love, your patience, your friendship. Thank you for teaching me the importance of self respect as a little girl and as a woman.  Thank you for being my father.

I love you dad!


  1. omg i LOVE that story of your dad!! it certainly is a great pic! happy fathers day!

  2. that is the best story...i am still laughing...happy father's day!

  3. Knott's was the coolest! And I love your dad's kit. It's perfect for a day at the amusement park with two kids. And Barney's window? Hello!?

  4. A little update. I called my dad to wish him a happy Father's day, and his exact quote was, "I can't believe you put that photo on the WORLD WIDE WEB for EVERYONE to see."

    Oh dad, I am so flattered that you think "EVERYONE" reads my blog.