estate sale escapades part 2: Friday

Yes, I seem to have a thing for tin lately, but I am now officially over it.  I know I have said this before, but seriously, going forward I am only buying things for bink & boo.  I shop as if I have a brick and mortar, and can resell this stuff.  One day, one day (said in soft whisper).  At least I had the mister with me on Friday to keep me from going crazy.  I had planned on attending this junk fest alone, but  Ro' popped out of bed, and insisted that we go for coffee, throw pennies into the fountain with Bronson, and then hit up the estate sales together.  Yes, this is our idea of family fun.  I am not sure Bronson likes the estate sale part of it, but he sure does enjoy the penny part.

Friday we hit the mother load!  This was the estate sale of all estate sales, I even notified my peeps on facebook to come check it out.  The place was crawling with hard core junkers.  There was so much that I had to leave behind, I couldn't even take pictures.  I would eye something, blink, and poof it was gone.  The second I spotted the Oly beer tray I darted across the room and nearly had to dive for it.  I got my hands on it seconds before a man said I was lucky that I was lady or he would have wrestled me for it.  That gave me a good giggle.  Ro' couldn't help but role his eyes when I showed him why I darted across the room.  As much as I want to keep this for myself, I am sending it to my mom.  She lives in Olympia, and with this tray she will be the envy of the town and all it's hipsters.  She will probably hang it in the front room for all to see as they pass by.  It will be like the lamp in A Christmas Story.

If you live in San Diego, and you see an estate sale hosted by Coast 101 Estate Services, you must drop in.  Best estate sales in California, great stuff, and even better prices.  Plus Ann is the nicest woman, and she makes you feel as if your her oldest and dearest friend.


  1. OK you crack me up... I liked your dive & giggle story!


  2. I love that tray! I hope your mom displays it like "the leg." "Frageeeelay, must be from France."

  3. She totally will! Seriously one of the best movie lines ever. I have a secret "back up" tray. I will share that story later.