Estate sale escapades part 1: Thursday

The day began with a trip to the DMV, FOR THE THIRD DAY IN A ROW.  Last year I was falsely accused of a hit and run (total nightmare).  I thought everything had been cleared (last year) until I learned late last week that my license had been suspended.  Oopsy.  I had been driving around for a year on a suspended license AND it expired in February - good thing I never got pulled over.  After spending the better half of my morning and week for that matter, patiently waiting for them to lift the suspension, and take my new picture (which i know is horrible) I was finally free to go and put this whole mess behind me.

I decided to celebrate my victory with a drink - decaf, tall, soy latte - and some shopping - estate sale style.  I cruised on over to a "mobile estate" park in Vista.  I had $10, just burning a hole in my pocket (my dad always used to say that).  I immediately headed to one of the bedrooms where I scored a set of colorful linens and some other fabrics.  I then began to roam from room to room, confident that I had found the treasure (fabric) I was in search of, I could now check out the rest of the place.  I admired the collection of beautiful things that this woman had acquired. She had good taste.  I was curious about her.  Did she have children - why didn't they want this cool stuff?  Where did she live before she settled in Vista?  I could tell by her clothes and her impressive collection of bar ware and serving dishes that she once hosted some pretty swanky parties.  I couldn't picture her doing that in Vista.  To my frustration I overheard her obnoxious neighbors gossiping about her.  They went on and on about how "she" couldn't have had all this "junk" in her place.  JUNK!  What are you two hens cackling about!?  They were so rude and their attitude was ugly.  You don't stroll over to your dead neighbors house to gossip about her...IN HER OWN HOME!  And that's just what I told them.

"Where are your manners ladies?  You don't come over to your dead neighbors house to gossip about her...in her own home.  I could be family.  I am not, but you never know who is around."

Ok, I didn't say that but I wish I would have, then they would have had something to talk about.  I might have bit my tongue, but I let my eyes do the talking and I am pretty sure those two hens got the picture.

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  1. Bianca...

    You ROCK! I so would have glared at the ladies & thought the same thing! That is awful!!!!! I feel kind of sad for that lady!

    So sorry about your DMV ordeal! That sucks... Thank goodness you could celebrate with drink!! ;)

    I love your stories. Can't wait for Friday! We are going to have soooo much fun!!!

    Hey, want to go to the east village asian diner on Wednesday night? From 5 to 7pm. I think I'm going to walk from the rooster & get a little taste...