Balancing Act

I have so much on my plate right now.  I know I am not alone when I confess how difficult it is to balance time and juggle everything that needs to get done.

If you could hire someone to do ONE thing for you in your daily routine, what would it be?  I would hire a maid.  At first I thought I would hire a personal chef, but I love to cook.  It's the dishes I hate doing.  So, if I had a maid she could clean up after me.  Of course she would also make our bed (Bronson would still have to make his own), do the laundry, clean the floors, dust, vacuum, and clean the bathrooms.  Did I leave anything out?

P.S. As I am typing this post a sink of dirty dishes is staring at me waiting for me to wash them.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, I am comin', I am comin'.
(image from Paul Raeside)


  1. P.S. As I read this post I'm staring at my dirty kids who have been at the pool ALL day. Chlorine infested hair, sunscreen on their faces & ice cream dripping on their swimsuits... Momma is so tired & feels the blog world is more important. LOL I feel you Bianca & I understand... :)


  2. i'd hire a personal trainer and a maid. i lack in both those departments badly. i don't even remember the last time i worked out. i need some motivation in my life!!!! maybe i should get off the computer now. haha!

  3. i would hire a pilot to fly my daughter, grandson, and son-in-law to home to me so that my days would be filled w/ family. then when her day is overwhelmed w/ household chores... i could do her dishes, make the bed, clean the floors, do the laundry, dust, vacuum, clean the bathrooms, and whatever else needs to be done...helping to lighten her load is what makes me happy!

  4. Wow, I think I'd like to hire Anonymous.

  5. That's what I said and then I realized Anonymous was my mom. If only she were rich...or we lived closer. My mom rocks!