Moving Sale

I had no plans to go "saleing" this weekend - I only had a couple bucks in my wallet.  But, a couple bucks is all you need.  Sometimes I feel like a junky, cruising the streets looking for my next fix. 

I have plans to turn 2, 5, and 10 into some little goodies for bink & boo, but the rest will be added to our etsy shop Pink Trailer.  I had high hopes for #3 (vintage Vera napkins), but they were badly damaged.  However I think I am going to cut out the flowers and add them to a dress I plan to make for summer.  The swimsuit #4 is in perfect condition and I am pretty sure I will put it to good use this summer.  The frame #7 is so sweet and just screaming for me to spray paint it white.  The plates are too much to take in. I LOVE THEM!  One little problem, big Boo isn't a fan.  They're going into the shop. #5 was a total score.  Only FIVE BUCKS! 

Did you do any "saleing" this weekend?  What did you score?

1. Vintage l/s blouse with modern bird print
2. Vintage napkins
3. Vintage Vera napkins (bad shape)
4. Vintage swimsuit
5. Vintage linen table cloth
6. Kitchen towel
7. Vintage picture frame (can't wait to spray paint it!)
8. Polyester vintage l/s blouse
9. The tweetest plates EVER!
10. New favorite vintage l/s blouse

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