Vroom Vroom

Bold and graphic is not only how I describe this print, but it is also how I describe the fight that ensued over this print.  Another score from the Pacific Northwest, and another struggle for what I spotted and grabbed first.  I tell you, it gets nasty in the Northwest.  Next time I am bringing a helmet.

My story is (and this is the only story that counts, there is no two sides to this tale) that I saw this fabric on a table and picked it up to purchase it.  A woman from across the room said that she had been admiring it, and "thought" of buying it.  I said to her, "this fabric is super cool, and I am sure my son will like whatever I make him from it."  She then tried to grab it from me!  She said that I stole it form her pile!  Now, I may be many things, but an-estate-sale-stealing-lady I am not!  I quickly corrected her, and well it just got ugly.  I remember fabric flying, people running for safety, and then it went black.  She had slapped me with stack of fat quarters!  Okay, she didn't slap me, but we did get into it.  Finally, a witness to the whole event corroborated my story, and I was released form the estate sale with my treasure(s) in hand.

Orig: Vintage fabric
Discovered: Estate sale, Olympia, Washington
Created: traditional bib

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