Cotton Candy

I snatched up this itsy bitsy remnant the second I laid eyes on it.  When I saw it took me back to my childhood - ahhh, the eighties.  For some reason this reminded me of this HORRIBLE outfit that my mother used to wear to work.  It consisted of a flouncy white elastic waist skirt, with pockets (did nothing for her figure), a white short sleeve button down (no shape to it), and a pink cotton baggy cardigan.  I guess it doesn't sound so bad now, but trust me when I say looking back it was pretty bad.  Like everything in the 80's it was in style then (my mom has great style,  everyone was a victim back them), but now you realized how horrible it really looked.  I hope you aren't reading this mom.  Actually I can say that my mom and I have a few good laughs about her "career wear" back then. 

Love you mom!
P.S. If I can find a picture I will post it.

Original: Vintage remnant
Discovered: Estate Sale, Pacific Northwest
Created: Booties

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