StokesMe September Giveaway!

It's StokesMe September and we are stoked to team up with some of our favorite brands to bring you the raddest raffle ever!!!

Throughout the month of September we're helping to raise money for the SIMA Humanitarian Fund which benefits 12 amazing, surf-related humanitarian organizations. StokesMe helps; at risk and underprivileged youth, children with autism, people affected with spinal cord injury, and veterans with mental or physical illnesses...just to name a few.  So please, help us help a lot of deserving people.  
1. Donate a minimum of $5 directly to StokesMe.org  
2. Forward the email confirmation of your donation to bink@binkandboo.com

Winner will be picked at random on Wednesday, 10/1, and announced the same day.
Giveaway is open to U.S. residents only, but donations are welcomed from generous humans all over the globe.


Easy Back to School Style

How is it possible that we are coming up on the last days of Summer?   We're not quite ready trade in our love of Summer and its carefree spirit for heavy sweaters and boring back to school wear.  So, here is our take on back to school style with easy to layer and easy to wear looks.  VIVA SUMMER!


Then and Now: 80's edition

This Maui & Sons t-shirt from our Sundries collection is a classic from my childhood.  I couldn't miss the opportunity to piece together my uniform from the 80's vs. how I would I wear this shirt today. 

Shop the "NOW" look: shirt from bink & boo Sundries, shorts by Mini & Maximus, shoes by Native

Side note: Do you remember Flojos????  I lived in those "sandals" and had 2 to 3 pairs in every color. Who knew they were still around.



New Collection now in the shop!  We've added a new size (12-24 months), and we now have dual sizing. Ankle biters are generously cut and will fit up to and often beyond the greater size of the dual sizing, e.g. 5 years of the 4-5 years.  


Summer Essentials

Summer is in full swing and the kids and I have found ourselves at the beach almost every evening.  We grab a bite to eat, play, shower, throw on some clean clothes, and get home just in time for bed.  Beach nights & pool days are one of my favorite things about Summer.  Here is a peek at a few of our favorite things and Summer essentials.

  • A bright and cheery towel is an absolute must. 
  •  If you follow us on instagram than you know my son has some wild and messy hair.  This hat helps keep it sand-free and a bit tame. 
  • I have mixed feelings about sun screen (that's another topic for a different day), but I like to keep some bits from getting burned and a touch of zinka helps with that.
  • White t-shirts are a must. Lots and lots of white t's.  For everyday I am a fan of garanimals (wal-mart). They're only $3 and I don't mind when they get ruined. But, when J.Crew has they're boys t-shirts on sale, I can't help but grab a few.
  • Did you know baby powder removes sand like magic?  Well it does. It's the best trick of all time.
  • The shoes of Summer: Natives
  • The pants of Summer: Ankle Biters
  • Bag: Good Will Bunting by Scout


bink & boo style: Out and About

Introducing the "el hefe" bloomers!  Our bloomers go effortlessly from hanging out with baby around town, to hanging with baby at the beach...at the pool...or just at home. Here's a peek at "el hefe's" style.

out & about on the town: Pigeon Orange shirt, Freshly Picked moccs, bink & boo bloomers

out & about at the beach: Hello Apparel kid's tank, Of One Sea blanket/towel, bink & boo bloomers, Honest sunscreen



I teamed up with the adorable etsy shop Bird + Elephant, to bring you a fun little giveaway to celebrate Spring, and help you fill your little one's Easter basket with handmade goodness.  Head over to our Facebook page to enter.


Hello Spring!

Easter is just around the corner, and we thought it would be fun to put together a couple of looks that will carry you through Spring, and right into Summer.  Oh how I wish I could wear both of these outfits myself!  If I had to pick one of these gal's style...it would have to be "Dixie".  How about you?

Say howdy to Dixie.  Dixie, is a bold little lady, who is full of personality.  Her style is classic, colorful, and pretty darn cute. Shop "Dixies" look: Hello Shiso frog clip, The Elephant and Bird organic wood teether, The Gap boatneck stripe dress, bink & boo "dixie" baby booties

Meet Daphne.  Daphne is a little lady in every way.  She's a gentle girl who knows how to get her way with a kind coo, and slight flash of her sweet smile.  Shop "Daphne's" look: Hello Shiso pastel bow clip, Manny + Simon wood bunny push toy, The Gap flutter dress, bink & boo "daphne" baby booties


Now Available!

Now available in the shop, "El Hefe" baby booties! All orders purchased by Sunday, April 13th, will ship by Monday, April 14th and should arrive in time for Easter.

Wishing you sunshine & cheer!



It's no coincidence that I am sharing this recipe with you on the first full weekend of March Madness. Totchos are the ULTIMATE game-day food.  Think nachos, but with tots instead of chips. Prepare to have your mind blown! This dish has so many delicious layers to it that all compliment each other and build on one another with each bite.  When you make Totchos Supreme, be sure you don't leave anything out.  And what ever you do, DON'T, I repeat, don't try make any part of this genius dish "low-fat".  Live a little.  Treat yo' self! YOLO!.

P.S. Not pictured is the generous serving of sour cream I plopped on top of my Totchos Supreme.  It's worth noting that I am not a fan of sour cream, but! you-must-eat-totchos-with-sour-cream.  The cool of the sour cream...with the crispy hot tots...and the spicy chipotle sauce...ahhhhh, it's absolute perfection!

Totchos Supreme:
1 bag (2 lbs.) frozen tater tots
1 pound chorizo, broken up, and cook until browned
8 oz. grated sharp cheddar cheese
8 oz. grated pepper jack
1/3 cup cilantro, roughly chopped
1/3 cup green onions, thinly sliced
6-8 multi-colored, miniature bell peppers
Sour Cream
Smoked Paprika Chipotle Sauce (recipe below)

Bake the tots as the packaging instructs and then some.  You want them extra crispy. Once they're perfectly crisp, scatter the cheese and chorizo on the tots.  Bake until the cheese is melted.  Remove the pan from the oven and sprinkle the green onions, cilantro, and diced bell peppers. Dress with chipotle sauce and a dollop of sour cream.

Smoked Paprika Chipotle Sauce*:
2 cups mayonnaise
3 chipotles in adobo (from a can)
3 tbs. smoked paprika
2 cloves of garlic, diced
2 tbs. lime juice
salt to taste

Add all ingredients to a blender, and blend until smooth. Careful to not over blend or mayonnaise will separate.

*  The original recipe for the chipotle sauce calls for 'lemons in salt', but I substituted with 2 TBS of fresh lime juice (and salt to taste) and the sauce was still damn delicious.

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for the creation of this amazing dish, it's one of the many scrumptious dishes from FoodieWithFamily.com


Estate Sale Adventures

This past weekend the kids and I journeyed to an estate sale waaaay out in Poway.  (Poway is the Death Valley of San Diego. In my opinion.) It was hot as HECK out there!  The sale was on a huuuuuge piece of property so there was a lot of walking involved.  There were so many boxes and bins and piles to dig through. I was terrified I was going to get bit by a poisonous spider, or rattle snake, or worse...both!  I pretty much freaked myself out, and decided to only look at the stuff that was right on top.  I knew I was limiting myself, but this time, I didn't care.  Thrift tip #9750: always carry "work gloves" in the car.  As we ventured further back into the property this blue beauty caught my eye.

sorry it's such a horrible pic.
I call it, "The Big Blue Beast". I fell in love with the color, and knew it would be perfect for our house.  The only problem, I can't make a decision for anything over $10.  I am cheap and totally indecisive.  After texting nearly everyone I knew, and hemming and hawing, and wheeling and dealing, I finally decided to pull the trigger and I bought it--without even thinking about how I was going to get it home. Cut to me clearing out the trunk of my Honda, Accord. Thrift tip #9751: never go thrifting or head to an estate with a trunk full of junk. Note to self: rethink buying a mini-van.

I managed to squeeze everything from the trunk into the car.  It was real life jenga y'all. Thrift tip #9752: always carry rope, or bungee hooks. Luckily another shopper was kind enough to give me his bungee hooks, or else I would have been up crap creek.   Side note: Bungee hooks make me nervous. I was terrified the bungee would snap on the freeway and go flying through another car's window. 

For the first time in my life I drove the speed limit on the freeway, AND...I stayed in the slow lane the entire time.  I white knuckled it the whole way home. I was so nervous about the bungee cord. I was nervous I was going to get pulled over for having something too big in my small trunk. I was nervous I would be decapitated by my B.O.B. stroller if I had to slam on the breaks. I was nervous I was going to run out of gas (the yellow light cam on the second I left the sale).  But! we made it home safely.  Now the real work begins. The beast is going to require some serious cleaning. This is my first time buying an industrial piece.  I usually stick to linens and things that can easily be cleaned, wiped down, or tossed into the washer.  FYI, I did manage to score a few of those pieces as well.
I am a sucker for stripes and anything mid-century modern
This tablecloth is going to make the cutest booties and bibs.
At the end of the day the kids and I had a great time.  It felt good to get out of our bubble, explore a different area of San Diego, and have a little adventure together.

Do you thrift, antique, or travel to estate sales with your kids in tow? Any advice on how you keep them entertained or engaged?

P.S. I started the cleaning process of "The Big Blue Beast" and...well...let's just say you might see that thing on craigslist soon.  I think I bit off more than I can chew.

Follow me on instagram for even more pics of my fun finds from this past weekend.

Wishing you sunshine & cheer!


Easy Style: boys

One of my favorite things about our booties is that they are easy to slip on with anything. They are full of personality and so are the little one's who wear them.

Say hello to Simon.  Simon is an easy going little fella who appreciates simplicity, and a good snuggle session with mom. Shop Simon's style: beanie, shirt, pants, manny + simon push toy, booties
Meet Del, a member of the "goo-goo-gah tribe". Del is a mover and a shaker and needs to be able to crawl around with ease. Shop Del's style: denim shirt, t-shirt, leggings, booties, book, manny + simon truck

Next we have, RG.  RG is most happy at the beach watching his dad surf, but he also enjoys hitching a ride with his mom in the ergo and going for a hike.  Shop RG's style: amber necklace, of one sea l/s shirt, rattle, pants, booties


Silly Bat Straws

These silly bat straws will add just the right amount of spook to your little one's halloween season.  Halloween is my least favorite holiday, but I try to find little ways to have fun with it--for Bronson's sake.  I used strips of black fabric I had in my scrap bin, but black ribbon would be great too.  I found the straws at Michael's for only $1.99, but I have seen some similar to these at Target. 

How do you celebrate halloween?  Do you go all out or do you keep it simple?

Wishing you sunshine & cheer!



Too cute to resist, our bloomers are created with our signature found fabrics.  Perfect for hanging around the house, playing at the beach, or running around with mom; the easy style of our bloomers make these a must for every little one's wardrobe.  SHOP COLLECTION


see you next year

Yup, you read that right.  We're taking a much needed vacation...a working vacation.  For the next few months we are going to be weaving our way through the Pacific Northwest.  We're packing our bags for the ultimate thrift trip.  We'll be sourcing some incredible fabrics, and curating loads of fun finds to share with you in the new year. Follow us on our travels via instagram (binkandboo) and of course our facebook page.

As we look ahead to the new year with total excitement, we look back on a fantastic year filled with family, friends, answered prayers, and unanswered prayers. (Yes, we are thankful for unanswered prayers too).  Thank you so much for all your support, and for allowing us to create our goods and live the dream.  We love you, and wish you a very happy new year filled with sunshine & cheer!!


A "Little" Distracted

You might have noticed I've been a little absent lately--and for good reason.  On 10.11.12, Perry Christine Wickers decided to make her appearance. . .TWO MONTHS EARLY! 
She gave us a good scare, but I am happy to report that she is healthy, happy, and after two weeks in the NICU she is home.  For all of you who follow us on instagram, thank you for prayers and well wishes.  If you don't follow us on instagram, YOU SHOULD ;) 

I am also happy to report that it's business as usual here at bink & boo headquarters, and our little lady brought with her loads of inspiration.  Stay tuned...

Wishing you Sunshine & Cheer!


We're Stoked!

Starting today through October 30th, 100% of sales from specially marked ankle biters will benefit the Stokes Me: Surfers Helping Humans fundraising campaign.  Stokes Me is a 30 day fundraising event put on by the SIMA Humanitarian Fund.  All money raised goes directly to the 10 SIMA Humanitarian Fund beneficiaries for their efforts in areas such as spinal cord injury rehabilitation and prevention, breast cancer education, malaria prevention, urban youth outreach, mental health and autism. SHOP NOW!


back to school: bink & boo + j. crew

Well it seems as if summer is winding down and the kidlets are getting ready to head back to school.  Here's a peek at what I'd send my little cocoa puff off to school in, if I wasn't worried about him coming home covered in paint, dirt, mud, snack residue, glue, glitter, and what ever else kids get into at school.

Hope you all are enjoying these last few days of summer!

Sunshine & Cheer,

Look One: "Hubbard" ankle biters by bink & boo, Boys Jersey V-Neck Tee, Boys Van's Slip-OnsBoy's French Terry Zip Hoodie, Shoes from Converse.com

Look Two: "San Dimas" ankle biters by bink & boo, Boy's Sailor TeeBoy's l/s Hoodie,